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Ayurvedic Recipes

Ayurvedic Recipes and Fresh Local Favorites

Each of these articles contain a wealth of knowledge and insight! You’ll find well known traditional favorites alongside creative contemporaries that exhibit the integrated use of Ayurvedic knowledge. Accommodating the Qualities of Nature is the secret at the heart of Ayurvedic cooking or meal planning. Prepare food with Love while considering each individual’s constitution. Use the recipe as a whole or enhance your favorite dish, we are positive that you, your friends, and family will all be delighted. For more reflections on Ayurvedic Recipes and concepts check out our blog which covers an array of information founded in Ayurvedic texts or the online course offerings for daily lifestyle practices, seasonal considerations and foundational Ayurvedic knowledge.

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Learn how the academic foundations of this system apply to the practical situations of everyday life in our online courses with Dr Amruta Athale in collaboration with Maha Vidya Ayurveda.

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In-person programs are an exciting extension of interest which offer experiences like distance cleansesindividualized retreats and even Pancha Karma. We offer these programs year-round in Maine, Puerto Rico and St. Croix. Explore the site and contact us if you have questions or to arrange a special program tailored to you or your small group!


Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding is the creamiest, sweetest and life giving breakfast you can enjoy! This nourishing meal is recommended specifically to build ojas (energy container and immunity) especially in the winter season, after intense cleansing or Pancha Karma, during certain stages of pregnancy and after giving birth. While we eat it warm to support digestive function it is sweet, heavy, cooling and unctuous but with the addition of the spices listed below supportive to digestion and can be used specifically to build tissue health, reproductive function, strength and longevity. 

Cardamom Cacao Rose Bliss Balls

Cardamom Cacao Rose Ayurvedic Bliss Balls are our favorite sweet treat and afternoon snack perfect to share with those you love.
Using the cooling sweet taste in the summer along with rose petals and cardamom this makes an easy to digest snack that is perfect on the go to revitalize the body and mind.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with Lilac Sugar

Something about Springtime puts us in the mood to make something delightful and beautiful! Lilac blooms have blessed the garden making the perfect addition to our family recipe of Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. Learn not only how to make this sweet treat but also the best times to eat it for support of Springtime balance and optimum health.

Creamy Garlic Beets and Greens

Pretty in pink, these Creamy Garlic Beets and Greens make a tasty and beautiful addition to any meal. Some of the first crops we find flourishing in our late Spring and early Summer garden makes this a side dish we can enjoy for many months to come. Dosha recommendations included, this is a must for pleasing the eye and the belly during the coming seasons.

Green Beans with Curry Leaf

There is something about the combination of fresh curry leaves, turmeric and mustard seeds that hits the spot every time. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with this delicious side dish perfect to accompany your favorite dal, side of spiced rice, fish, chicken,anything! Green beans are appropriate for all three dosha making this a win for the entire family.

Sorrel Tea

Also known as Jamaican Hibiscus it is a refreshing treat in the islands. Sorrel “Juice” is made with either fresh or dried sorrel buds often combined with local herbs and spices like cinnamon, clove and bay leaf boiled into a tea.

Green Curry Boiled Breadfruit

Looking for a substitute for rice and potatoes? Breadfruit is delicious, nutritious and grows abundantly making it the perfect match with our Green Curry. We challenged ourselves to make a 100% fresh local dish for the season and this was what we came up with. Fresh island vegetables from the farmers market here in Puerto Rico made inspiration easy.

Tilgul- Sesame Sweets

Traditionally shared for Makar Sankranti, Tilgul are offered to neighbors as a sweet reminder to collectively share sweet words and kindness for the year to come. They make a delightful ojas building treat that children adore. Try substituting the peanuts for almonds for a different flavor! They are delicious.

Turmeric Digestive Chutney

Packed with fresh turmeric, ginger and citrus this spiced fresh blend adds a punch to kick start digestion during times of heaviness in the season making this a nice addition to keep in the fridge during the winter season.

A small amount of this blend goes a long way. Just a pea sized nibble before meals can ignite agni (digestive fire), stimulate salivary secretions and support the processing of meals in a healthy and balanced way allowing us to utilize the heavier qualities recommended of the season with ease.

Millet Pancakes

Millet Pancakes or quick Millet Bread is a go to for Winter meals as the flour is warming and slightly sweet.

The addition of your favorite fresh herbs like fenugreek, cilantro or basil make a delicious easy meal for the whole family. We like to add sides like the Peanut Travel, Mint or Coconut Chutney making this a fun holiday option everyone can enjoy.

Ojas Bliss Balls

Looking for a sweet treat or snack to take on the go? Ojas Bliss Balls may be the answer. These powerhouse snacks are delightful and welcomed when shared with friends and family. Be sure to make a double batch this holiday season, trust us, they don’t last long.

Ideal for the winter season these sweet, heavy and unctuous snacks help support the reduction of Vata qualities present in the world around us. Gives you a great reason to enjoy!

Peanut Chutney- Healthy Travel Snack

We all know the feeling of standing in the airport or convenient store and thinking “what the heck can i eat!?” On travel days, especially air travel we have a few tips to share with you on how to stay satiated, keep agni balanced and be ready to jump into vacationland with ease.

The chutney can be enjoyed as a sprinkle or topping, or add whole fat plain yogurt to make it a sauce on the go. Delicious, nutritious and digestive happy. We will be packing this and our bags and enjoying Peanut Travel Chutney on our tips this season.

Fenugreek Roti – Thepala

Talking about travel season Fenugreek Roti make the perfect on the go snack. Made with whole wheat flour (best consumed during the winter season), spices and fried in sesame oil. Thepala stay fresh for 5-10 days and are delicious on their own or paired with our Peanut Travel Chutney when you are on the go.
No doubt Roti are delicious! Make a batch to bring to your next family dinner along with our Peanut Travel Chutney or Savory Tomato Chutney. They pair beautifully and look delightful on the table.

Sesame Ojas Bliss Balls

Ayurvedic treat and favorite for the whole family. Nourishing dessert perfect for post cleanse tonification and seasonal support. Modern granola bars can be drying and aggravating for Vata dosha which make Ojas Bliss Balls an outstanding option for an afternoon snack.
Bring these to your next holiday gathering and watch them disappear!

Savory Tomato Chutney

We call them chutney, but in the oldest texts of Ayurveda they are referred to as aaharyogi (meaning food friend). Not only do chutneys pair beautifully with meals to add bright flavor, they often are used as a digestive stimulant to support agni (digestive fire) to help you assimilate the meal maximizing food as nutrition. With heavy meals often blessing the table during the holiday season bringing a chutney to your next event might make you a friend to everyone including their bellies.

Spiced Pumpkin Barley

Sweet and savory seasonal goodness is how we would describe our Pumpkin Barley

We start the grains alongside our morning practices making the slow but easy process perfect for a cozy late morning meal especially in the Autumn and Winter months. Barley is sweet, easy to digest and most supportive for Pitta and Kapha Dosha. By adding the pumpkin, oil or ghee and spices we optimize its consumption for all three dosha, especially as a seasonal meal.

Kitchari Spice Mix

While we do sell this ready to use in our Etsy Shop, as you know motivating you to make your own supportive blends is so important to us! So we are sharing with you our favorite Kitchari Spice Mix recipe. We keep a big jar on hand in our cupboard and use it for everything from a sipping broth, kitchari, soups, roasted vegetables and veggie sautés. It’s perfect during cleanses and seasonal transitions but seems to make its way into our daily recipes quite often. Our suggestion would be to make a large batch and share with those you love.

Easy Ghee Recipe

Ghee, ghrita, is the rendered fat part of butter in which the liquid and solid parts are removed and only the golden oil remains. Its use dates back throughout India, the Middle East and Northern Africa. Highly revered in Ayurveda, it is listed in all three of the major texts.
Making ghee at home is a simple process. It does require attention and attentiveness but give it a try! Nothing compares.

Wild Rice Stuffed Squash

Shifting with the seasonal dietary regimen outlined in the Rutacharya program we have welcomed winter squash. Something funny happened in our garden this year with cross-pollination and we have quite the variety of squash and pumpkin including giant Delicata Squash! While it is what we share in this recipe you can use any squash or pumpkin as a replacement. 

How to Make Kitchari

Kitchari means “mixture” and is usually a porridge like consistency of basmati rice and mung dal prepared with digestive spices and seasonal vegetables It is light, easy to digest, detoxifying and nourishing for all constitutions.
During our 3, 7 and 10 day programs we utilize variations of kitchari along with clear broth soups to support agni while cleansing the system. Kitchari is our family go to for a quick meal, after travel, when feeling under the weather or anytime we are looking for simple nourishment. This makes a perfect dinner for the whole family.

Agni Spice Blend

Digestive health is THE most important support we can give our body. When the agni (digestive fire) is in balance nutrients from the food we intake can be converted into essence of food (ahara rasa) which in turn becomes development of healthy tissues throughout the entire body. It is important to remember, we are not just what we eat, but also how we eat and digest our food!


You may be aware of the reverence for dairy products in Ayurveda, in particular the love of the sacred cow and consumption of ghee as a digestive aid, tonic and overall super food for longevity. Less known, but equally appreciated is Takra, which is a light yogurt and water drink sometimes combined with digestive spices.

Ayurvedic Berry Smoothie

These recipes look quite different than the protein packed powerhouse drinks we often see today. Modern smoothies tend to be quite nutrient rich, but are also very heavy to digest when taken cold with hard to process ingredients or combinations. Vagbhat suggests a much simpler approach to cool the system down and provide a delightful afternoon refresher or pick-me up in the heat of the season.

Coconut Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney was shared with us by a dear friend that has become a home staple that we even bring with us on camping trips. Experimenting with different herbs has opened up a delightful experience with food that feels fresh and exciting while promoting high powered support to the body as a whole. Watch the video and then download the recipe card below that includes herbal chutney recipes for each constitution. Be creative with herbs flourishing in your local area or farmers market. Observe the results they have in your body and mind.

Chickpea Flour Pancakes

Delicious lightly seasoned warm pancake perfect with a cup of dal or warm soup. This is an easy to digest addition especially for those on a wheat free diet or looking for something tasty during cleansing or lightening. We enjoy this with a sprinkle of local Maine sea salt and a cup of simple dal topped with a dollop of ghee. Enjoy!

Summer Squash Fritters with Lemon Basil Tarragon Cashew Cream

When summer and zucchini squashes are coming in abundance, squash fritters make an easy addition that the whole family enjoys. We are always excited to add carrots, onions and potatoes also grown at home to ours, but see what you have in your garden!

Cashew Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossoms

You all know we LOVE eating flowers. There is something soft and magical about their presence in a meal adding such beauty and delight. During the Summer months we thoughtfully harvest the extra blossoms on our exploding squash plants to share with loved ones representing such abundance in season.

Curried Sweet Potato Soup with Medicinal Mushrooms

It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s New England! Over and over again we hear confusion on what to eat when Summer takes us for a spin. In general during the heat of Summer when Ojas is on the decline it’s important to consume light and easy to digest cooling, sweet foods in the heat of the day. However we all know a rainy cool day can create a swift shift in the system, not only outside but in our body as well. 

Cardamom Rose Date Smoothie

In the Asthanga Hridayam, Vagbhat discusses that in Grisma, the Summer season, one should intake sweet and cooling, easy to digest and light substances along with fragrant flowers in our water to support strength and balance agni. This included the recommendation for Panakam or Smoothies.

Gulkand- Sweet Sun Preserved Rose Petals

Making gulkand (rose petal preserves) feels like a preparation of food for the Gods. Layers of soft rose petals with sugar set out in the sun to cook followed by cooling in the soft moon light makes this magical sweet treat joyful in both preparation and consumption.


Ideal for warm days, dehydration, exertion and overall refreshment. This can be enjoyed at room temp year round, though especially useful during warm days. We share this frequently surrounding cleanse programs for guests during Pancha Karma.

For more details regarding the Ayurvedic approach to meal preparation check out our blog which covers an array of information founded in Ayurvedic texts. From daily personal lifestyle practices to seasonal considerations and foundational Ayurvedic knowledge. Our online courses with Dr Amruta Athale in collaboration with Maha Vidya Ayurveda will take your approaches to the next level! Learn how the academic foundations of this system apply to the practical situations of everyday life. In-person programs are an exciting extension of interest which offer experiences like distance cleansesindividualized retreats and even Pancha Karma. We offer these programs year-round in Maine, Puerto Rico and St. Croix. Explore the site and contact us if you have questions or to arrange a special program tailored to you or your small group!