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Easy Ghee Recipe

Easy Ghee Recipe

Thank goodness for ghee and an easy recipe! It’s one of the simplest and most beneficial ways to begin incorporating Ayurvedic knowledge into daily life.

Ghee, or ghrita, is the rendered fat of butter (navnita or fresh butter), the liquid and solid parts are removed and only the golden oil remains. Its use dates back throughout India, the Middle East and Northern Africa. Ghee is highly revered in Ayurveda and is listed in all three of the major texts.

Easy Ghee Recipe

Ghee is sweet in taste, mild in action, soft, cool and lubricating. It is recommended for vata and pitta conditions, digestive support, greater intelligence, wisdom, beauty, vision, as an aphrodisiac, for longevity, strength, vigor and so much more! In small doses it is suitable and recommended for all three dosha. Ghee supports and increases agni, the digestive fire, without increasing the heat of pitta dosha making it suitable as an early morning aid for digestion and elimination especially during seasonal cleanses or rutacharya programs.

Making ghee at home is a simple process. It does require attention and attentiveness but give it a try! Nothing compares.

How to Make Easy Ghee 

Start with 1 lb unsalted organic or fresh local cow butter (this may be called cultured butter)

In a medium sized pot, heat butter over medium heat; as it starts to bubble, reduce to a low simmer. You will notice as it cooks down that milk solids may collect on the bottom of the pot; stir with a wooden spoon occasionally to reduce burning. As the bubbles lessen, the ghee will become clear. You can test its completion with the “glasses test”. Place eye glasses or a clean dry glass over the pot, if it does not fog up, its done! Ghee can burn very quickly as it nears the finish line so stay close by and check regularly your first few times making it. If it is over cooked it smells like burnt popcorn. Pour the golden ghee through a cheesecloth or skim the foam layer off the surface if desired. Otherwise pour into a clean and dry glass container. Ghee should be stored at room temperature. Enjoy!



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