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Wild Rice Stuffed Squash

Wild Rice Stuffed Squash

Shifting with the seasonal dietary regimen outlined in our Autumn Rutacharya or in a seasonal home cleanse, we welcome the many varieties of Winter squash and the opportunity to enjoy these squash stuffed with wild rice amongst many remaining garden vegetables. Something funny happened in our garden this year with cross-pollination between our plants and perhaps some neighbors rendering an abundance of squash and pumpkin variety, including giant Delicata Squash! Humorously, we even found a patch of mature wild squash in the forests of northern Maine while exploring.

Bonus points and bountiful nutrition if it’s wild!

The gunas associated with this variety and most of the similar squash species in general are: cool, heavy, dry and sweet. These qualities pacify Vata/Pitta while aggravating Kapha and builded ojas; making it ideal for the Autumn season. We add Kapha reducing trikatu (a blend of long pepper, black pepper and ginger) to make our wild rice stuffed squash tri-doshic. While Delicata Squash is what we share in this recipe you can use almost any squash or pumpkin as a replacement.

How to make Wild Rice Stuffed Squash

Wild rice generally is quite hard, dry and difficult to digest. We used locally harvested Maine wild rice which is much different! It becomes soft, slightly chewy and very nourishing for the Autumn and Winter season while keeping agni in balance. Kamut soaked and slow cooked until soft is another wonderful option; but see what local grains are accessible near you! This easy to digest but filling meal makes a perfect transitional dinner post cleanse that warms your belly and is so satisfying after a simple week of broths and porridge. We used only vegetables still available in our garden, but get creative!



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