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Online Courses

Join Maha Vidya for our online in-depth Ayurvedic Educational Series available to you ala’carte. Whether you are new to Ayurveda or looking for additional perspectives and review as you continue your path of study, inquiry and practice we have mapped out some of the most important areas in clinical practice for review.

If you have not had previous experience with Ayurvedic Studies we recommend beginning with Principles of Health (our foundations course). This program has proven to be useful for both new students and those looking to refine terminology and deepen understanding. From there our other courses will be followed with greater ease.

Students and Practitioners of Ayurveda may benefit from the speciality of all areas offered. The Ayurvedic Study Series Catalogue supports specific topics from a traditional presentation with clinical practice examples and greater depth of study.

We hope these lessons and short courses support insight and enthusiasm as you continue your path learning, growing and sharing this timeless knowledge.

Reach out directly for greater support or recommended tracks of self- study.

Principles of Health- 5 Part Wellness Journey

Deepen your understanding, practice and integration of Ayurveda!

Lesson 1- Introduction to Ayurveda

Lesson 2- Five Element Theory & Sankyha Darshana

Lesson 3- Dosha, Signs of Imbalance, Subdosha

Lesson 4- Agni (understanding our Central Gastric Fire and the Influence of Digestion on Health) 

Lesson 5- Ama (Understanding Toxins in the Body) Causes and Treatment

Women’s Health

Welcome to our Online Offering of this very special program. This multi-part presentation provides insight and inspiration to connect to the very essence of your femininity with clarity through the lense of Ayurveda. Learn how to maximize energy, harmonize your hormones, overall health and enhance longevity through a simple yet comprehensive understanding of the larger parts of the female reproductive cycles.

The program is offered ala-carte so you can participate in one or all offerings. As the program continues we move beyond personal care to the clinical understanding from both a western and eastern perspective of specific imbalances and what can be done through diet and lifestyle to create greater health.

Lesson 1- Cycles and Energy Channels

Lesson 2- Reflection & the 3 Pillars of Life (Food, Sex, Sleep)

Lesson 3- Seasons of Life & the Menstruation Cycle

Lesson 4- PMS Symptoms, Causes & Prevention

Lesson 5- Vata Related Yoni Conditions, Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Lesson 6- Pitta & Kapha Related Yoni Conditions, Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Lesson 7- Bruhana and Langhana (Heavy or Lightening Therapy for Women’s Health)

Asana Chikitsa (Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy)

This specialty program offerings insightful guidance on integrating Asana and Ayurveda to balance doshas, enhance overall health, and foster a peaceful relationship with our physical bodies. With time in personal reflection you will be offered the tools to work with others sharing this knowledge whether that is for friends, family, clients or community through individualized support. 

We explore the connections between Yoga, Ayurveda, and energy to utilize prana as the springboard for healing excess dosha and deepening our understanding of the physiology of the body for greater healing. Specific practices, additional body movements, breath and meditation will be explored as an influence on our internal energies and health.

Lesson 1- What is Asana Chikitsa

Lesson 2- The Vayus in Practice

Lesson 3- Body Scanning and Introduction to Movement Practices

Lesson 4- Vata, Pitta, Kapha Asana Chikitsa

Ayurveda Study Series

On-going catalogue of topics for Ayurvedic students and practitioners or those looking to learn more to dive into areas with greater depth, clinical application and tools to use for ease in self-care and client care. We encourage you to use these classes for additional study and potential for greater focused learning in each area.

*Have a topic you would like to see us cover? Send us an email and let us know*

In-Depth Study of the 6 Tastes (Dravya Viyana)

Ayurvedic Diagnostics: Sarvaroga Nidanam

Samprati & the 6 Stages of Disease

Subdosha Treatment and Signs of Imbalance- Mini Session 

Rasa Dhatu- Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Rakta Dhatu- Signs, Symptoms and Treatment