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Yoga and Ayurveda Education

Professional online programs and short courses in traditional Yoga and Ayurveda

The Professional Path

Our Ayurvedic training and educational courses are available LIVE or Self-Paced through small group programs. These settings offer immensely focused support, forming a solid and practical foundation in these vast topics. Professional Online programs are led in collaboration with Dr Amruta Athale of Arya Academia in Pune India. Short specialty courses are available various times throughout the year.

The BEST starting point!

12-Week Course with Maha Vidya Ayurveda offering foundational knowledge of Ayurveda and Tools you can practically apply immediately in your home and community to support health for the entire family.

This program is now available self-paced and online offering flexibility and ease in attendance AND offering the opportunity for it to be used as a study guide in preparation of Professional Ayurvedic Programs or review. This is a fantastic place to begin your Ayurvedic Journey and we are honored to support you.

You will learn  the Ayurvedic conception of the digestive system, daily regimen, constitution of self and family members alongside basic meal plans. Easy to follow Healthy Eating Guidelines, downloadable handouts and bonus webinars make this a perfect way to dip your toes into the vast knowledge of Ayurveda while having a solid foundation of what you can do now to bring more balance into the home today.

Jump Start Your Health!

One of the greatest gems of the Ayurvedic tradition is the insight and respect for understanding our interaction with the external world through the 5 senses. This depth of clarity supports us with significant depth, particularly around the change of seasons. The more we interact with and accommodate the qualities in Nature on a reflective internal layer, the more balanced we feel throughout the year.

Our Seasonal Regimen (Rutacharya) Program offers dietary recommendations per season, herbs, Ayurvedic home therapies and tips to stay healthy. This program forms the foundation of self-care and preventative healthcare. Check out our blog for more info.

Academic Ayurvedic Training!

18-Month Program with lead teacher Dr Amruta Athale and Maha Vidya Ayurveda.

Health care professionals can use these professional techniques in their private practice. For those new to Ayurveda, or aspiring practitioners this is the most extensive foundational program to solidify and enhance your personal study, self-healing practices and confidence surrounding the utilization of Ayurveda in your own home. Dr Athale will join us in Maine towards the end of the program to share 50 hours of hands on technical training including marma, svedana and herbal therapies. Those interested will be offered the opportunity to travel to Pune with us after the program to share time in the Arya Clinic learning herbal medicine, plant identification, and diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.