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Green Beans with Curry Leaf

A belly friendly delish side dish for the whole family! Green Beans and Curry Leaves are it!

This is one of those dishes that when I start making it, I can’t stop. We will eat it for dinner, I’ll  make it again for lunch, repeat, repeat, repeat. There is something about the combination of fresh curry leaves, turmeric and mustard seeds that hits the spot every time. Here is the trick, be on the lookout for a local Indian grocer. We have a fantastic one near us in Southern Maine (surprising but I’m not complaining). They always have fresh curry leaves, fresh coconut and when I am lucky, long beans. Load up on the goodies and get ready to tantalize your taste buds with this delicious side dish perfect to accompany your favorite dal, side of spiced rice, fish, chicken, anything!


What Dosha and Season is this best for?

Due to the stimulating nature of the spices in the dish, along with the drier quality of the preparation we find this delightful in the Spring season. You can learn more about the qualities you are looking for on the Kapha Dosha Diet post in the blog. In general green beans are easy to digest and appropriate for all three dosha. This makes it a wonderful dish to share with the whole family. During the Summer time when you can find green beans, bell peppers, onions and even tomatoes fresh to pick from the garden try adding a cooling Mint Chutney to balance out the heat. For Vata dosha or during Autumn this can be served with a drizzle of ghee, the Tomato Chutney, accompanied with rice or heavier sweet grains. As will all meals first look for what is in season, then look at the qualities presenting in the individual for insight to find day to day balance. If you notice digestion feels slow we would recommend trying our Agni Spice Mix or Turmeric Digestive Chutney 15 to 30 minutes before consuming lunch and dinner.

What does it feel like to need digestive support?

Generally, signs of lightness and feeling hungry signify that digestive function is working well! However, we are looking for signs of ama, when food isn’t completely digested in the GI Tract which leaves a sticky substance left behind that can clog the channels. Do you feel energetic and hungry in the morning upon rising? Are elimination patterns normal, meaning you eliminate daily, ideally in the morning? These are good questions to reflect upon! If not, consider signing up with us for an Ayurvedic Consultation.


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