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Charred Breadfruit with Tarragon Ghee

Ever tried Breadfruit?

I first fell in love with breadfruit over 20 years ago when I moved to the island of Oahu. Finding myself at a beachside lu’au they cooked the giant green tree fruit in a ground oven or below ground fire pit called an imu. After the breadfruit was evenly charred the host threw the giant fire crisped ball into the ocean. As it sizzled and cooled in the saltwater, I couldn’t help but anticipate what came next. Once out of the ocean, they sliced it open. The tender insides were generously smothered in coconut oil, lime, and garlic. My mouth waters just writing about it. Since then over the years I’ve enjoyed breadfruit baked, roasted, fried, boiled and mashed (which is all delicious).

But hands down the most delightful way to enjoy this precious fruit from the tree gods is charred up in fire.

I’ll fast forward to our lovely home here in Puerto Rico. We were blessed with a friend that helped us on the journey to finding the perfect spot and when he told us about Casa Rosa he stated very clearly that it was going to be our house. There was a giant pana (breadfruit) tree which he took as the #1 sign from above for success. Truly it was because we are eating pana on a regular and feeling all the goodness of the ground and trees this property has blessed us with.

What if you don’t have Breadfruit to Char? Come visit us in Puerto Rico!

An amazing food staple in the islands also called pana here in Puerto Rico. Buah sukun in Malaysia and ulu in Hawaii (just to name a few!) it is a local favorite throughout the tropics. One tree alone can feed an entire family and then some. Breadfruit is a starchy addition to any meal that could easily replace bread, tortillas, potatoes and even rice depending on how you cook it.


Charred Breadfruit with all the Fixings

As we mentioned we have an absolutely giant tree offering these delightful meals almost year round. Chances are if you come to Puerto Rico for an Individualized Retreat you will get some. Maybe even a few different ways. However as we mentioned our favorite is just throwing it right over the grill or fire pit and waiting for the magic.

Occasionally turning the green fruit (be careful the sap is sticky and can stain or ruin clothes) we let the fruit charr evenly for about an hour. Once it’s fully cooked we pull it off, let it cool for a few moments and cut it into chunks. You can pull pieces off the charred outside making it a tasty hands on experience.

Favorite Toppings

  • Simply drizzle coconut oil over the top and sprinkle with salt and pepper
  • Finely chop fresh tarragon, green onion and mix with a spoonful of ghee, lather on before you bite
  • Grate fresh garlic and mix with coconut or olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. This makes it like garlic bread.
  • Squeeze fresh lime, coconut cream and a pinch of salt
  • Spritz with Braggs aminos
  • Sprinkle on Agni Spice Mix and smother in ghee

NOTE- One of our favorite ways to have this is with our Pumpkin Sweet Potato Soup making it the ultimate combo to dip like bread into the delicious bowl. When digestion is strong it is also a lovely combo with the Beet & Fennel Salad with Orange Tahini Dressing. Easy meals and easy to digest.


charred breadfruit  charred breadfruit

The Ayurvedic Qualities of Charred Breadfruit

We find this to be almost magic from a qualitative perspective and Ayurvedic evaluation. Breadfruit is slightly sweet and feels nourishing. However when cooked on the grill it lightens because of the fire quality used to cook it pulling out excess moisture. This makes it easy to digest while still deeply grounding (and its from a tree!). Paired with healthy fats like ghee, coconut cream or oil it becomes a deeply healing, dense but easy to digest meal. Offering variations in toppings listed above can make it suitable for any member of the family. It is gluten free and a great way to get the “feeling” of eating bread while consuming something so vastly different.

Pair Charred Breadfruit with S’mores

Since you have the grill already going, might as well make some Lemongrass Coconut Rice and Vegan Banana S’mores for dessert. Enjoy the wonders of these delicious tree fruits. Stay healthy friends!

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