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Vegan Banana S’more

Banana Campfire S’mores

Let’s be honest, who does’t love a good s’more in the summer time? Our family loves camping, making fires and of course, cooking on them. Over the years between Maine and living in the tropics, fires have been a mainstay in our daily life. Keeping us cozy up north and offering an outdoor kitchen and natural bug repellant in the islands. You can find us around a fire quite often. And it’s precisely around these heartwarming fires that we discovered a delightful alternative for those who may not be the biggest fans of marshmallows but still want a sweet, fireside treat to share with their loved ones – the Vegan Banana S’more.

This unique take on the classic s’more is every bit as tasty and equally indulgent. And guess what? If you don’t have access to banana leaves for wrapping, there’s no need to worry! You can easily substitute them with tin foil or parchment paper.

When is the best time to eat Vegan Banana S’mores?

When it comes to enjoying food, timing is just as important as the ingredients themselves. This holds true for our delightful vegan twist on the traditional s’more. This sweet treat incorporates gently cooked bananas and a small amount of chocolate, making it simple and easy to digest.

As a general rule, fruits are best consumed on their own. I personally skip the graham crackers but for the real s’more lovers they do elevate this dessert to another level of special. To fully savor and digest the Vegan Banana S’more, it’s best enjoyed away from large meals. Consider it as an appetizing treat to warm up your late afternoon as you light the campfire, or wait a couple of hours after dinner. To aid digestion, sip on some warm water or take some digestive spices to help process the sweet taste.

When it comes to seasonal consumption, the Vegan Banana S’more is most beneficial and enjoyable during the summer months when your appetite and digestion are at their peak. However, the sweet qualities of this dessert also makes it a welcome treat during the autumn and winter seasons.

Remember you can eat too much of a good thing, so don’t go overboard making this on the daily.

If you’re interested in learning more about the optimal foods for summer or the concept of seasonality in your diet, we have a detailed article on this topic. Dive in to expand your knowledge about the best foods for the warmest season of the year.


Making the Perfect Vegan Banana S’more

Creating your own Vegan Banana S’more is almost as enjoyable as eating it! Here’s how you can whip up this delectable treat right in your own backyard.

If you have a banana tree, select a clean, medium-sized leaf with minimal tears. Using a damp cloth, wipe it down, and then cut the leaf into four pieces, removing the inner stem. The crescent shape of the banana makes it easier to wrap in sections, and a string or cord will come in handy for tying. If you’re using tin foil, it’s easy to close up the banana, but with parchment paper, you may need a few pieces to secure it properly.

Begin by slicing the banana carefully down the center, approximately 1/4 inch deep. Be sure to keep the skin intact and cut off the stem for easy wrapping. Then, stuff the slice with dark chocolate chips. Although you could use milk chocolate, we can assure you, high-quality dark chips make a world of difference in flavor.

Now, close up the banana, wrap it in your chosen material and tie it off. Place your wrapped banana on a grill grate and cook each side for about 3-4 minutes, or until the banana leaf appears charred.

Handle with care when removing it from the grill – it’s hot! Unwrap the banana leaf, slice the banana, remove the peel, and serve on a graham cracker.

Voila! You’ve just made a delightful Vegan Banana S’more.

Now comes the best part – sit back, relax, and enjoy your homemade treat!

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