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Tea Ball

The Ultimate Ayurvedic Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season of giving and what better gift than inspiring and sharing health with those you love! We have mapped out our favorite Ayurvedic inspired holiday gifts that would support any aspiring seeker of health AND for those of you who may have a special someone asking what you may like during the holiday season you can pass this along or maybe treat yourself!

Ayurvedic Holiday Gift Guide

Ayurvedic Stocking Stuffers

  • Nasya Oil It’s Vata Season and with travel, cooler weather, wind and all things Vata provoking Nasya (application of oil to the nostrils) is recommended. Anu Thailam is one of our house favorites and this one comes in a cute little bottle making a tiny gift that’s easy to pack, is affordable and works like a charm. We also love the brand Baraka. This comes in a one oz glass container and is a gentle sweet smelling nasya oil perfect for those new to the practice.
  • Copper Tongue Cleaner- 12 pack. That’s right get the 12 pack! Everyone needs a tongue cleaner and we gift these to everyone we know during the holiday season and beyond. Tongue cleaning is recommended as a daily practice to strip the tongue of any stickiness (Ama) that may be lingering from undigested food from the previous meal. This stickiness not only blocks our sense of taste but also prevents the body to stimulate digestive juices to process the next meal. Around family dinners, heavier meals and holiday treats it is especially important to do all we can to support our digestive fire. Tongue cleaners are usually a welcomed gift by both the Ayurvedic enthusiast and those new to recommended daily practice of digestive support.
  • Tea Strainer- 3 Pack Once again go for the pack! Everyone loves tea strainers and sipping fresh local tea. You could couple this with locally grown dried herbs, flowers or your favorite loose tea.
  • Artisan Tea Straws are also fun, and beautiful! While you can find simple stainless steal ones also, we opt for the special ones.

Special Small Gifts

  • Self oil massage is one of the most important winter practices. Many Ayurvedic practitioners use plain sesame oil in the winter time, but who wouldn’t love to try a luxurious herbal blend perfect for daily practice. Kerala Daily Massage Oil is one we find to be a treat!
  • Artisan Handheld Spice Grinder looks lovely on the counter and is so very useful for grinding spices in the Ayurvedic kitchen. We use ours on a daily!
  • It’s the time of year to build immunity and herbal jams are an important part of winter practice. Himalayan Institute Chyavanprash is sweet, slightly spicy and delicious! Offering more bang for your buck in ounces it gives continued support for the month to come. Even children love chyvanprash on toast, or even nibbling off the spoon. This is one the whole family will enjoy.
  • Golden ghee is a must in every Ayurvedic kitchen and while we do encourage students and clients to make their own, we all know the process takes time! During the holiday season its quite a treat to buy ghee ready made and Ancient Organics 32oz of Ghee is the amount that will make anyone feel the love of this oily abundance.
  • Copper Tumblers make a fun and pretty gift. Copper water is recommended in Ayurveda and this two pack is a fun way to share a new addition to the kitchen supporting health and beauty.
  • The holidays are a nice time to splurge on luxurious products like skincare and IYURA offers our favorite Manjistha Night Oil and Kesaradi Day Oil with Saffron, Turmeric and Rose. They both are lovely for the skin and come in gorgeous packaging that feels like a gift for a goddess.

Best Ayurvedic Cookbooks

If you practice with us you know we are somewhat traditionalist in the nature of our approach. There are three cookbooks we love to share that offer an in-depth beginning presentation to Ayurvedic cooking and dietary outlines.


The Specialty Gifts

  • Along with self-oil massage daily steaming is recommended especially throughout the autumn, winter and spring seasons. While this can be achieved in the shower there is nothing more luxurious than having your own steam tent! This is an affordable and easy to use option that breaks down easily and can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you want to surprise your Ayurvedic enthusiast or share a spa like treatment to yourself or the ones you love this would be a gift to remember.
  • We ALWAYS recommend to eat locally grown foods and even in the winter time CSA boxes are available. Finding local farms still producing and offering a gift card or monthly delivery or pickup would be appreciated and supportive for anyone and everyone! See what you can find in your local area and let us know!
  • The gift of Pancha Karma or Individualized Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat would be the ultimate holiday gift for anyone interested in a New Year reset! We offer ongoing programs in Puerto Rico so if you want to treat yourself or your loved one to a personalized getaway, or maybe join us together come on down. We have an in-depth description on Pancha Karma, it’s benefits and who is a good fit for the program on the BLOG.

Other great ideas are making Sorrel Tea, Ojas Balls instead of holiday cookies or try the Sesame Tilgul treats! Most importantly enjoy this special season by supporting yourself and your loved ones with health, joy and longevity. Happy Holidays friends!