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Shirodhara always raises interest as the mystical Ayurvedic therapy that often people sway between thinking it's luxurious and others confuse with some some of slow drip torture. Surprisingly it could be either and we will tell you all about the

Ayurveda offers a unique lense of evaluating food that explains not just the what or when but clearly the why. This helps us navigate the wide and sometimes wild world of food that can seem overwhelming and confusing with conflicting

What happens when our environment becomes challenging, as if Mother Earth herself is unleashing her wrath?  While the interplay of each element rising will produce various planetary shifts today we will focus on the impacts of the quality of air

The fad of Ayurveda is fast moving through the Western world and unfortunately calling something “ayurvedic” whether it's a super food, super skincare blend or delicious herbal tea simply IS NOT “ayurvedic” without the consideration of the individual using the

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for maintaining optimal health and well-being. We all notice the difference between the feeling of rest and rejuvenation and being drained from lack of proper sleep and overwork or exertion. The Ayurvedic scholars