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Seasonal Regimen- Rutacharya

Man and Universe Theory 

Ayurveda shares the unique relationship between Man and Nature and how we can utilize this understanding for reflecting greater health by moving with the seasons for optimizing energy, health and vitality for the year to come. As the seasons change, we must change as well. Our short courses are available to you online so you can work with your local season change as it differs throughout the world.

Seasonal Regimens helps support the system to increase immunity, supports sleep, energy and shares guidance as to why you may feel different throughout the year. This program is recommended for everyone and can be easily adapted and shared to your entire family upon completion. For those looking for more support our Individual Practice Program is available to all participants for private calls and personalized techniques. If you are joining us for our Seasonal Cleanse this course is included. 


 Rutcharya (Seasonal Regimen) Programs includes:

Seasonal Dinacharya (selfcare) 

Daily Checklist

Seasonal Regimen Webinar with Carlisle Amlak

Asana, Exercise and Pranayama Webinar with Zaplin Vermie

Printable Recipes 

BONUS Eating by the Season Guide 

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