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Ayurvedic Food Combining

Digestion is the single most important long-term determinant of health. Ayurveda shares not only what and how to eat but combinations of foods to support long term health and longevity. Learn these simple tips that can easily be incorporated into your daily practice and to share with those you love.

Pitta Dosha Diet

The Summer Season brings sunshine, excitement and heat! The sharp rays of the sun slowly squeeze out the accumulation of heaviness from Winter and Spring, but eventually can create sharpness, dryness and exhaustion. Summer is the best time to nourish our bodies with easy to digest fresh local foods and cooling treats! Learn the best practices for the season!

Six Tastes of Ayurveda

Understanding how the qualities in Nature combine to form the six tastes or rasa give us insight as to how and why certain foods are recommended for health. This can support how utilizing this knowledge can lead to self-care, seasonal care and a greater understanding how food can be used thoughtfully within your home and practice to bring about certain desired effects based on its qualities.

Sense Therapy

The five senses are the doorways in which we experience the world around us. Utilizing each of them to find balance can support whole body healing. Discover how using sound, sight, aroma and touch therapy can add layers to your own life experience along with concepts of healthy eating in Ayurveda.

Lyme Support with Ayurveda

How self-care practices and seasonal cleansing can provide support for the symptoms of chronic lyme. After years of tracking symptoms and working with herbs, lyme protocols and cleansing without success I found support by diving into the texts of Ayurveda and following a detailed outline for parasite cleansing and rejuvenation therapy. Read the story!

Kapha Dosha Diet

The Spring Season welcomes growth, movement and rejuvenation! Energy is bursting forward in all areas of life and it is THE time to lighten the body and mind, reducing any heaviness that may have accumulated during the Winter. The past few months have been focused on strength, stability, building immunity and increasing the quality of the tissues in the body. If the digestive fire has remained strong you may feel the Spring clarity as the snow melts and the growing rays of the Sun naturally increase fire and heat in the body.

Marma Therapy

Learn the history of Marma Therapy and why you may want to learn this healing practice to share with clients and loved ones. Marma is easy to incorporate into your daily self massage with a powerful impact on energy, health and longevity. Join us for our 3 Month Program for an in-depth presentation on Marma and its application in treatment.

Qualities in Nature- 10 Pairs of Opposites

Once in form everything in Creation becomes a part of Nature and takes on qualities, or the 10 pairs of opposites, describing the world as we know it. Understanding these qualities gives you tangible tools of awareness to keep you in balance as the seasons change, your daily routine shifts and qualities rise or fall creating either health or instability in the system. This is the foundation of learning Ayurveda!

Meditation Made Easy

The benefit of yogic meditation is that through the knowledge we gain in pursuing that state we purify, release or overcome conditioned patterns of behavior which impeded our capabilities, not just in meditation but throughout our lives as a whole; by addressing each layer of our Being and reconditioning them to be free of old operating systems and present to the formation of new ones.

Yogadandasana- Asana Highlight

Caught mid-scratch! Sometime there’s an itch you can only get with your foot in your armpit.
Surprisingly, yogadandasana is easier to do than it looks and is incredibly useful for lengthening the external rotators of the hip, muscles of the low back and back of the shoulder.

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