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About Us

Through Maha Vidya Yoga and Ayurveda we have shared practices throughout the US, Caribbean, Europe, South America and Asia.

After years of teaching and traveling we are excited to expand our reach offering both private distance and in person programs, and now online courses. We are honored to have collaborated with Ayra Academia in Pune India as their US Sister School. This allows us to continue sharing the foundations for practice and healing along with professional training programs partnered with Dr Amruta Athale and Arya Academia. It is an honor!

People ask, are you in Maine or Puerto Rico? The answer is both! Programs in Maine typically run May- December, and then we join our friends and family in the Caribbean with offerings in Puerto Rico and sometimes St Croix from January-April. Such a contrast we are excited to share.

Interested in hosting us for a program or collaborating? We love working with like minded individuals, contact us!

Thank you for your interest in our offerings. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Asana and Pranayama Specialist and head of our Yoga Programs

Zaplin Vermie (ERYT-500) has been intimately engaged with the healing arts since childhood and a dedicated student of yoga for over fifteen years. Through years of endeavoring his own spiritual and scholastic self-study, this Iowa native has encountered many teachers and teachings from cultures around the world who helped challenge, develop and balance his intellect with compassionate discernment. An ardent student of life, between continuing studies and actively pursues and maintains qualifications in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, comparative religious  philosophy and music while teaching yoga and meditation classes.

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Pancha Karma Specialist and head of our Ayurveda Programs

Carlisle Amlak is a Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist, certified Ayurvedic Educator, Ayurvedic Body Healing Therapist, Certified Herbalist,  as well as a Sai Shakti healer and Yoga teacher. Carlisle has studied these ancient practices for over 17 years. Receiving training from the University of Natural Medicine, various Ayurvedic Schools including the California College of Ayurveda, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Arya Academy and the East West School of Herbology, as well as teachers trainings with the Himalayan Institute, Universal Yoga and Pranakriya Yoga. She is well versed in the Vedic tradition and is dedicated to upholding the true teachings of the yogic philosophy and application in the modern world.

She has been given a unique opportunity to share these teachings throughout the continental US as well as in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and South America learning during these times the unique application of medicinal plants along the way. Currently she and her family reside between Maine and Puerto Rico, sharing knowledge shares, gardening and spending time studying nature.

Guest Teacher and Head of of the Professional Ayurveda Programs

Dr. Amruta Ketan Athale BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), R.M.A.S. (U.S.A), C.A.P (Canada) is a physician trained in Ayurveda and modern medicine in a 8.5 year program in India under the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.

Being involved as Ayurveda Physician and Mentor, at the most reputable Ayurveda Hospitals, Clinics and Institutes for more than 15 years in India and Abroad taught her a practical approach for patients care. She has traveled and lived extensively all over the world to offer consultations, develop and teach courses, deliver lectures, for health care professionals and individuals.


We have the most amazing sangha! Many of the students we have worked with over the years have become like family. We appreciate you all, your hard work and commitment to self care, self practice and sharing the light of these beautiful teachings. Here are a few student experiences.

Meeting Carlisle and Zap has been a life changing experience for us.The two of them have so much knowledge, and a genuine passion in their teaching. They balance each other beautifully in all aspects and their teachings are so complete and rich. We feel every yogic experience we have with them, whether being asanas, theory lessons, meditation etc makes us open our eyes more, increases our understanding and makes all our daily experiences fuller and more meaningful. Having teachers like C&Z is a gift we wish everyone could have the chance to experience.

– Line

Carlisle and Zaplin embody the teachings of yoga in the most beautiful, practical and humble way. Their passion and devotion to teaching is a reflection of their breadth of knowledge, personal practice, and their teachers. In trainings, creating balance between holding space and guiding is essential and they did an incredible job, staying tuned into the needs of the group while also staying on schedule and covering the ground necessary to meet requirements. It is an honor to have attended an immersion and training with them. As a direct result of studying with them, I now have a consistent, effective personal practice and am inspired and able to share with others. If you have the opportunity to self study with these two beautiful souls, I highly recommend you say YES

– Emily

Zaplin and Carlisle are passionate about everything they touch. I have worked with/been a student of Carlisle and have enjoyed watching her growth and empowerment over the years. Zaplin seems a perfect compliment to her. This is The Team that greets you on the mat, wherever you are, without judgement, with compassion and enduring love. I completed several successive programs with them, each time deepening my awareness, knowledge and ability to share. This past Spring I was blessed to have a guided pancha karma with them. Through their vast wisdom, insightful and attentive care I was guided through a complete purge of old samskaras and emotions that were continuing to hold me back. I have experienced a surge of creativity, boost in my yoga business and a drive to help others, all whilst feeling balanced, keeping my heart and mind free, open to possibilities. They individualize your experience and inspire you to be sensitive to your own daily changes/needs. I look forward to each time our paths cross and the continued knowledge and love they impart.

– Shera

I’ve worked with Carlisle and Zaplin across various retreats for Yoga/Ayurveda as well as for Panchakarma. The style in which they share their cumulative knowledge has been inspiring and transformative for me on so many levels. I have always had an interest in Yoga (asana) and Meditation but it took studying with them for me to truly understand the purpose of practicing. Something was missing for me when it came to Yoga, until I met them. Because of their teachings, I understand Yoga as a way of life, and in my experience, there are no two better guides in the process. They have studied for years and years and continue to. They live and breathe their practice. Their extensive knowledge and understanding allows them to help students find balance and health through Ayurveda, which is much needed in truly practicing Yoga. They are able to meet each student where they’re at to help them prepare to practice Yoga from the ground up. They help students find their own practice and work with them so that it’s sustainable, personal and safe. Carlisle and Zaplin deeply honor the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda and it comes through in everything they do. Their teachings are authentic, traditional and effective. Whether studying Yoga and Ayurveda or undergoing Panchakarma, working with them requires discipline, dedication and hard work. And for me, it’s been life changing.

– Ashley

I have been a student/client of Carlisle and Zaplin for more than 5 years. With expert guidance, gentle nurturing and highly skilled treatments, they have steered me toward a practical and individualized path to health and wellness. I have been inspired by them to rekindle a long-lost light of daily meditation. It’s been a major game-changer for me. One of their most powerful strengths is an uncanny ability to accurately pinpoint areas of my mind and body that might require attention. I can honestly say I’ve experienced deep transformational healing every single time! Nutritious meals, nature-bathing, daily meditation and movement practices are among the many experiences served up with so much warmth, love and authenticity on their glorious farm in Maine!

– Fran

Absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for more thoughtful, kind, and respectful teachers who were willing to share all their information with me. All I had to do was pay attention and ask. I absolutely love these two, and will be back to train with them many times over. Thank you both for all your kind words and your thoughtful lessons. I can’t wait to see what the future holds in my practice.

– Kimberly

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL. Each experience is so different with each and every one of you. Over the years we have been encouraged, challenged and had our heart blasted open by the connections we all share during our times together. Looking forward to more to come.

Thank you!

Love Carlisle and Zaplin