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Agni Spice Blend

Our Agni Spice Blend is a simple recipe to support your digestion and overall well-being!

Digestive health is THE most important support we can give our body.

When the agni (digestive fire) is in balance, nutrients from the food we consume can be converted into the essence of food (ahara rasa), which in turn develops healthy tissues throughout the entire body. It is important to remember, we are not just what we eat, but also how we eat and digest our food!

If you have worked with an Ayurvedic Practitioner before you are probably aware of this significance because digestion and elimination are usually the first targeted areas of support. One simple way to jump start this practice for yourself and your family is the incorporation of digestive spices into your daily regimen.

This blend can be used in meal preparation, or taken as pre-digestive support by sipping warm water with a 1/2 tsp of the blend before meals. We love to do this while we are cooking in the kitchen. Keeping a jar of pre-made agni spice nearby encourages you to remember to use it! We also enjoy taking a spice jar of the blend with us anywhere we travel. This helps balance the digestive system while we are away from home, even if we are visiting friends and family, to support an overall state of balance and ease in transitions of place and time. Our blend is available in our Etsy Shop or you can try making your own!

“We are what we eat– and how we digest it.”- Dr. Amruta Athale

If you are looking for additional and accessible support surrounding not only what to eat, but how to eat and digest at your best, review the Healthy Eating Guidelines of Ayurveda. Offering step-by-step outlines and detailed approaches on how we share tips for digestive health with our clients and community. This is one of THE most important concepts of Ayurveda and not to be missed!

Agni Spice Blend

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Total time: 5 Minutes
Agni Spice Blend


  • Cumin Seed
  • Fennel Seed
  • Dill Seed
  • Carom Seed (ajwain)
  • Sesame Seeds in Winter/ Coconut Flakes in Summer


1. Combine equal amounts of seeds and dry roast on stove top or in oven until fragrant. (roast sesame and/ or coconut separately)
2. Cool and combine in clean glass jar.
3. Store for daily use.
This blend is suitable for for all constitutions. If you are looking for something more specific for you please contact us for an Ayurvedic Consultation.

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