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Ayurveda Foundations Course- Principles of Health


Ayurveda Foundations Course

Learn the foundations of Ayurveda with step-by-step support to share with your family and community during this 12 Week Program. Perfect for students new to Ayurveda or those looking for ways to expand and implement new practices now.

Principles of Health

Detailed presentation of Ayurveda for current students or those beginning a healing journey for greater digestive support, immunity, diet, energy, and immunity for you and your family this course is a great place to start.

This course is taught LIVE each Spring, but now available year round from the comfort of your home through our online platform.

Program starts January 2023

Playbacks available for missed classes- CLICK TO REGISTER


Herbal Tea
After completing the Course you will have knowledge of
  • Identifying Constitution (dosha)
  • Understanding of Individual Digestive Systems
  • Examination skills of Digestion and Elimination
  • Understanding of Tastes and their Effect
  • Tools of Self Care for certain goals
  • Tips for sharing Ayurveda with your family, friends and clients
What makes this Program Special? 

Course includes additional material on identifying, growing and harvesting wild and cultivated medicinals.

Though this is a distance program, we are here for you! All students are welcomed to join us for a Ayurvedic Consultation at a discounted rate AND assessment guides will be shared and evaluated by our Master Teachers as part of your program.

Links to Ayurvedic recipes with step by step information of not only ingredients and informative how-to videos but additional material on the doshic influence AND the tastes and qualities of common foods.

Rutacharya or seasonal outlines will be shared during the course to keep you up to date on self care practices in your local area.

Who this Course is for?

Those looking to understand their own health, digestion and immunity

Those looking to share this knowledge in their home and community

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