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Beginner’s Guide: Integrating Ayurveda into Daily Life

Have you ever heard the myth that Ayurveda is all about restrictions? Let’s bust that myth together! Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, invites us to embrace growth, learning, and simple yet profound shifts in our lifestyle. Imagine enhancing your and your family’s well-being through gentle, mindful changes—sounds exciting, right? Integrating the Ayurveda 101 into your daily life can be easy with our Beginner’s Guide.

Ayurveda for Healthy Weight Loss

Food plays a pivotal role for a multitude of reasons in Ayurveda, and particularly when it comes to healthy weight loss. Indeed dietary regimens are recommended and we will talk about the best approach to food choices in this blog post for healthy weight loss or weight management. However, our approach to the Ayurvedic diet is more about embracing possibilities rather than imposing restrictions.

Best Natural Flu Remedies with Ayurveda

In Ayurveda there are three main causes of disease. Failure of the intellect, misuse of the 5 Senses and time. The good news is flu prevention lies in these three areas as well. What we find fascinating and encouraging about Ayurvedic health care and natural medicine is it’s all about prevention. Boosting digestive health and allowing the body to maximize immunity through nutrition is the best medicine for both keeping the flu at bay and treating it if you find yourself suffering from seasonal illness.

Ayurveda and Mushrooms: From Side Dishes to Psilocybin

The fall and spring are “mushroom season” and we see recipes online with everything from main courses, super food sides along with the occasional micro dose of psychedelics. This begets the question, what does Ayurveda have to say about mushrooms? We are going to discuss the ayurvedic take on mushroom meals and magical adventures. Let’s dive in.

Digital Detox: Ayurvedic Wisdom for the Modern Age

As we seamlessly shift between digital tools, educational platforms, and online leisure, achieving a health-conscious balance is more crucial than ever. As technology cements itself as a staple in our daily lives, embracing these Ayurvedic Tips for Digital Detox is not just beneficial, it’s essential to harness the benefits of our digital world while protecting our wellbeing.

Food Sensitivities and Ayurveda

If we look at the foundations of Ayurveda this may shed some light and support if you find yourself with food intolerance. Let me give you a clue, maybe you aren’t sensitive, maybe you are aware and your body is actually telling you something. So instead of feeling disempowered by your inability to eat something with ease take it as a superpower of strength to not eat strange things in strange ways. Saying no to crappy bread may not mean you are gluten intolerant it means you are gluten intelligent.

Three Main Causes of Disease in Ayurveda: What You Can Do About It

The ancient scholars had knack for numbers, systematic approaches and outlines for just about everything. You know Ayurveda is the “science of life” so of course they had to cover creation from in and out, top to bottom. The three main causes of disease are simplified and outlined in each of the major texts (Sushrut Samhita, Charak Samhita and the Ashtanga Hridayam). As simple as they are they form the bedrock for our work as Ayurvedic Health Advisors and Practitioners allowing us to support clients to prevent them.

Get Rid of Toxins Today: Ama be Gone

Learn what the Ayurvedic scholars had to say about toxic buildup (ama) in the body and what you can do to prevent and get rid of it today! With a deeper understanding of the causes of imbalance, symptoms that your body is holding on to ama, and our top tip for cleansing your body with ease begin supporting yourself and your family today with these simple tips.

Kickstart Your Ayurvedic Kitchen

Now is as good a time as ever to jump on board the Ayurveda train and begin a life of radiant health and delicious food! When we start working with new clients one concern is often around understanding not only what to eat, but how to shift gears at home to support the process. Not to worry, we are going to share with you our must have kitchen items favorite places to get the goods online.

Why a Seasonal Cleanse is Essential

Ayurveda discusses the “Man and Universe” theory which gives us insight to the unique reflection we share with Nature itself. While it can be obvious that ingesting certain qualities in foods and other sensory channels have the potential to increase dosha, or vitiate the body and mind through accumulation of substances it can be overlooked that the same thing can happy due to the qualities in Nature itself. This is why around the junction point of the season cleansing is a recommended practice to essentially wipe out any doshic imbalances created either by intake through the 5 Senses or the Nature we live in and prepare the body with a clean slate for the next season and experience to come.