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Welcome! Together we hold space for the realization of Yoga. Moving through each layer of the Self (mayakosha), from the microcosm to the macrocosm, fully appreciating an integrated approach to mindful living and wellness, abiding in a state of yoga as lifestyle (sadhana) and a rite of passage sustaining our mutual heritage, we journey through the deepest layers of one’s being to merge with the heart of Creation as transcribed by the ancient rishis. Share in the knowledge and methodic approaches to personal practice and teaching, challenging your body, mind, and power of spirit. Learn what it means to be karmically unbound as free yogins on this path, moving in the world with conscious awareness, holding space while nurturing love and positivity in every thought, word and deed within ourselves and the world surrounding.

Our programs are ideal for those looking to step into a new realm of self-understanding with motivation, patience and excitement surrounding the future creation of health and happiness. As Sri Kaleshwar would say, “Don’t trust the time.” In this epic era we must recognize all that we are, all that we have and wake up to the infinite possibilities that may be resting within each and every one of us.

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Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Movement and Pranayama Specialist Zaplin Vermie alongside Carlisle Amlak will guide you through the Maha Vidya Foundation Series and Practice outlines to cultivate and support self-led practice from the ground up.


Specialty Courses

Ayurveda specialty programs with Dr. Amruta Athale of Arya Academia in Pune, India include Basic Dietetics, Marma Certification, Cosmetology, Women's Health and our collaborated 500 Hour Professional Ayurveda Program.


Ayurveda Consultations

New to Ayurveda? Carlisle Amlak, Practitioner and Pancha Karma Specialist alongside Zaplin Vermie share with you concepts on digestive health, immunity, constitution, and theory behind self-care practices.

An Electrolyte Drink Recipe


Ideal for warm days, dehydration, exertion and overall refreshment. This can be enjoyed at room temp year round, though especially useful during warm days. We share this frequently surrounding cleanse programs for guests during Pancha Karma. You can make the Ayurveda-Aide by the cup or easily multiply the recipe for a large mason jar. Feeling creative? Add a few mint sprigs, rose petals or cucumber to the cup, play with what is in season.

Yoga and Ayurveda

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Sesame Ojas Bliss Balls

Ayurvedic treat and favorite for the whole family. Nourishing dessert perfect for post cleanse tonification and seasonal support. Modern granola bars can be drying and aggravating for Vata dosha which make Ojas Bliss Balls an outstanding option for an afternoon snack.
Bring these to your next holiday gathering and watch them disappear!

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation Basics

If our body is a crystallization of our thoughts words, deeds, diet and dna then we must recondition it regularly to continually align all layers of our Being. Yoga and Ayurveda offer many practices to address and harmonize our outer world with our inner world, practicing surya namaskar or sun salutations is an excellent approach to begin with to support a regular mindful conscious living discipline toward daily life.

Rutacharya- Seasonal Regimen

“It is not in our hand how the Nature is changing, but it is our responsibility to change our diet and lifestyle to reflect these changes to maintain our own state of balance. Nature is always changing so we must change as well.” – Dr Amruta Athale
Rutacharya, seasonal regimen is one of the simple beauties Ayurveda offers us to look at Nature to find balance within ourselves and our ever changing environment.

Thank you to Carlisle and Zaplin for a soul enriching experience. I am already looking forward to joining you on a next program. Namaste.


Such a beautiful bunch of beaming lights you are.


Thank you for giving my heart and soul a 5 day long hug. I can't wait to see you guys again. I miss the rainforest, the beach, the sun, but most of all, I miss all of you!